"From Mud to Gold"


Ceramic workshops are an excellent way to spend leisure time. The combination of artistic expression, relaxation, and recreation allows you to disconnect from everyday life and experience a unique adventure. Beautiful, hand-painted dishes created by your own hands can serve you in your daily life. They can also be a remarkable keepsake or a special gift for a loved one.


 Both adults and children, individuals, and groups are welcome. We offer a wide range of possibilities for spending time. Ceramic workshops can be combined with a tour of the factory. We are fortunate that our facilities are surrounded by beautiful views of the Kaczawskie Mountains. One of them is the Grodziec Castle, located on inactive volcano, on which it stands, within a twenty-minute walk from our factory close to the castle. We have a large apartment for a group of friends where you can stay and spend the weekend combining creative activities with tourism, exploring the surrounding attractions. And there is no shortage of them. The Kaczawskie Mountains are today covered with trees and are the oldest Polish inactive volcanoes.

 Thanks to their prehistoric activity, the soil is very rich in minerals. The unique location and exceptional soil conditions favor, among other things, the cultivation of grapes. Therefore, two nearby vineyards are also a great attraction. Kindler or Agat vineyards are leading local producers of noble grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Solaris and Riesling.


It is worth knowing that ceramics have been a hallmark of Bolesławiec for hundreds of years. Contemporary production is not a novelty but a continuation of the city's centuries-old ceramic traditions. The comprehensive production of pottery was possible thanks to the clay deposits in the vicinity.

If you feel like spending pleasant and creative time in a place with unique magic, in the beautiful natural surroundings, we invite you to contact us. We will respond to your inquiries sent to the email or

by phone at +48 601 577 226.