Oryginal Polish Pottery From Boleslawiec

CERAMIKA MILLENA is a producer and exporter of fine Polish Pottery. We are a family owned art stoneware factory based just 5 miles outside of Boleslawiec, Poland, the historic town where Polish Pottery originated over 500 years ago. In our factory we create pottery from locally sourced clay. Each piece is shaped in our molds, then exquisitely hand decorated, hand painted and glazed. The pieces are then fired to over 2250 degrees Fahrenheit. (1250 Celsius) We use only certified materials, safe in dishwasher, microwave and oven, cadmium and lead free FDA approved. Our Pottery is truly natural and ecologic because it involves only the four Universe elements - Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.

Each piece is hand made as an individual work of ART. Some of the traditional decorations were inspired by the colors of the peacock's feather, employing cobalt blue as the predominant color. Our contemporary designs draw on the warm tones of nature and the four seasons. The artists of CERAMIKA MILLENA craft designs with flowers, leaves, stars, fruit, shells and many other shapes. We invite you to take a look at a sampling of our finely crafted ceramics on our website. Only the highest quality pottery is offered to our customers worldwide. CERAMIKA MILLENA has years of experience in exportation of goods by air and sea. We offer door-to-door service and pride ourselves on a strong commitment to customer relations. All goods from CERAMIKA MILLENA are expertly packed and insured.

Hand painted pottery from Poland in Boleslawiec

Our online store offers various examples of fine Polish pottery that can be an ideal gift idea for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. We create pieces with various designs, from abstract florals to stripes and dots. There is something for every taste. Our online shop CERAMIKA MILLENA offers in total hundreds of products to choose from. Although our factory is located in Poland, we ship to every city in the world.